For the first time in my life, I found myself in the need of an excellent attorney, who was
Highly regarded within the legal community. I needed to find an attorney who was the
“being of the best” with regard to the challenge of a Family Trust. Steven Wilhelm came
highly recommended, and I am so glad he did. His confidence, experience, and
knowledge helped to put my mind at ease. He kept me apprised of his research of “like”
cases and findings, on a weekly basiss, all of which were in our favor. Thankfully the
opposing party realized they did not have a Case, and chose to walk away.
I cannot begin to thank Mr. Wilhelm enough for all of his “hand holding & constant
support”, as well as his thorough research and preparation for our day in Court. I would
absolutely recommend Mr. Wilhelm to my friends, business associates, or anyone else
who finds themselves in need of a highly respected, knowledgeable, thorough attorney,
who gives 110% of himself and his time to his clients.