Jeanine & Carl

I’m finally starting to come up for air. The deal is done, the checks are cashed, things are going
smoothly and we had some Dom Perignon on Saturday night with friends to celebrate. They are
all insurance agents too and looking to sell in the next few years and we’ve raved about you to
them. They have a different makeup than we do with a lot of commericial insurance business so
theirs will be a bit more complicated than ours. But I’m sure it’s nothing that you can’t handle.
Robert Blum also handles their accounting work.

I think from start to finish we did this in less than 10 days with your help. I think that’s pretty
amazing. I was just going to send you a check for balance of your bill, but I may as well
accumulate miles with American Airlines while I can. So my next e-mail will have the credit
card authorization attached.

This one has the complete signed and executed agreement attached.

There is a LOT of paperwork and details to finish up but I think I’m starting to get some control
of it. We leave for a two week trip to Canada on July 21st. So my goal is to be finished by then.
And I think it’s possible.

I’m sure I can say for the both of us we could not have asked for a better legal representative than
you, Steve, We both had an immediate feeling of confidence in you from the minute we met in
your office. And I was impressed that we got right to work and wrapped it up so quickly. This
is undoubtedly the most important event we’ve ever been involved in and I don’t think It could
have possibly gone smoother. So thank you for all of your time, expertise and late night e-
mails. I think we both have a lot of the same work habits, but I’m hoping to change mine soon.
But from the timing of this e-mail, I haven’t started yet.

So, we’ll see you at Robert’s next Christmas party. Best regards.

Jeanine and Carl