Gleicher Enterprises LLC

Steven Wilhelm was our attorney from the time that he helped form our company in­­­
1998 until its dissolution at the end of 2012. During that time, he helped us through
several major legal events, both business-related and personal, such as intellectual
property issues with a major vendor, advice and assistance in successful collection of a
large debt, even thought the other party filed for bankruptcy, and creation of several legal
agreements which were used as the basis for our consulting support. In addition, he
has helpedus with more mundane items such as setting up a will and a famil trust,
presiding at our annual LLC company meetings, preparing the minutes, and the like.

I have always been impressed with the thoroughness of Steven’s work and the
professionalism of his staff – the documents that he has worked with us to prepare have
always been comprehensive and addressed all of the relevant areas. He has always
been happy to discuss any areas of concern and to explain legal points that we did not
understand. In addition, he has always been quick to respond to telephone calls, and
when he told us he would do something, it always was done in a timely manner.

Steve also has a deep understanding of the business world, and we have relied many
times on his advice in our dealings with several companies and government entities.

In summary, we have been highly satisfied with our relationship with Steven Wilhelm,
A.P.C. He is very knowledgable in a number of areas, but also has been willing to bring
in the other attorney’s with expertise in specialized areas when necessary (always with our
pre-approval). Steven is also very personable and easy to talk; he obviously cares
about his clients, and I’m happy to be able to recommend hir for any legal needs.


Michael Gleicher

President, Gleicher Enterprises LLC