Fireworks & Stage FX America, Inc.

San Diego Business Advisor

Steven H. Wilhelm incorporated our business nearly 20 years ago. Since 1994, he has been our go-to legal guy when we needed buy-sell agreements, contracts, LLC’s and all of the legal advice and service a growing business needs.

Best of all Steve is a down-to-earth and reasoned voice during the stresses of business. He has been a beacon of logic and helped us look at the forest when we were lost in the trees, keeping us focused on what was importantduring legal proceedings or negotiations. We even have him attend our Shareholder meetings to bring that wisdom, reason and calm. His is advice is always well-reasoned and sage.

Mr. Wilhelm has helped Fireworks America every step of the way and we look forward to him being our counsel for the next 20 years.

Kevin T. Brueckner,
Fireworks & Stage FX America, Inc.